Take a NCC Pretest and Earn Free CE October 29, 2019

The Pretest Program allows NCC to collect data on new questions and insure they are statistically and psychometrically sound prior to possible use on NCC certification examinations.

Individuals certified by NCC earn free CE for their participation and assist NCC by testing 50 questions in their specialty. All collected data is anonymous and only used for statistical analysis. CE is earned by simply completing the pretest, scores will not be given.

Pretest Program Highlights

• Pretests are free, and each pretest provides 1 hour CE upon completion.
• Up to 5 pretests can be taken in a maintenance cycle (based on availability).
• All pretests consist of 50 multiple choice questions.
• All pretests are timed and must be completed in one hour. Incomplete pretests will not earn CE.
• Earned CE is applied to the specialty code chosen by participant and entered into their maintenance application automatically.

Visit NCCwebsite.org/continuing-education, click “Browse Pretests” and then “Sign in” to see the pretests available (not all specialties are part of the Pretest Program). Since pretest questions are potential exam questions, the pretest is accessed through a secure platform with a signed confidentially agreement. Please read "How it Works" for complete program details.

Participation serves a critical purpose in the development of certification examinations and contributes to the future of professional practice.