Spotlight on NCC’s Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification March 2, 2021

The Maternal Newborn Nursing (RNC-MNN®) certification is for mother/baby nurses who provide care to the childbearing family from birth to six weeks within hospital, outpatient or community settings. Candidates can develop and implement an individualized plan of care for the childbearing family, by assessing their physical, psychological and sociocultural status.

This certification demonstrates the specialty knowledge of mother/baby nurses in maternal postpartum assessment, management, education, and complications. It also validates their specialty knowledge of newborn assessment, management, transition, and complications.

Earn your RNC-MNN® certification today and join over 15,000 of your nursing colleagues.

View the complete content for the Maternal Newborn Nursing certification in the RNC-MNN® Candidate Guide.

A certification for mother/baby nurses who… care for mothers and newborns.