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These CE modules will be discontinued at the end of the year.

Continuing Education from NCC offers affordable and convenient ways to maintain specialty knowledge competencies and keep abreast of the latest practice updates.

To keep these educational offerings current and relevant, NCC adds new modules throughout the year and REMOVES modules at the end of every year. The expiration date for each module is posted on the order page.

Below is a listing of modules that will no longer be accessible after December 31, 2019. All 2019 modules must be purchased and completed before the end of this year.

Don't Miss Out - order before they are no longer available.

Remember to take your specialty assessment and refer to your personalized Education Plan - before you earn CE! Make sure that the CE you purchase is appropriate for your NCC Maintenance!

Electronic Fetal Monitoring
WB1901 The Compromised Fetus
WB1923 Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Tracings and NICHD Nomenclature

High Risk Neonatal
WB1905 Neonatal Resuscitation Update
WB1913 Opioid-Exposed Neonates-Variations in Care & Outcomes
WB1915 Neonatal Transition-Events Expected & Unexpected
WB1916 Perinatal Asphyxia-Causes & Effects
WB1917 Neonatal CPAP Effects and Applications
WB1921 Pathophysiology of Hypoglycemia in the Neonate
WB1930 Neonatal Ventilatory Support- Nursing Perspectives
WB1932 Evaluation & Management of Neonatal Emesis
WB1935 Neonatal Jaundice-A Direct Look at Bilirubin
WB1942 Factors Impacting the Neonatal Microbiome

Maternal Newborn
WB1902 Breastfeeding Physiology
WB1903 Evaluation & Care of the Term Newborn
WB1909 Common Neonatal Conditions
WB1912 Managing Postpartum Pain
WB1924 Maternal Conditions Affecting Pregnancy Outcomes
WB1926 Postpartum Complications: Attention to Warning Signs
WB1933 Support & Interventions to Promote Breastfeeding
WB1937 Adverse Fetal Exposure
WB1939 Neonatal and Perinatal Palliative Care
WB1940 The Maternal Infant Microbiome

WB1907 Ultrasound in Pregnancy
WB1920 Uterine Contractility and Dystocia
WB1927 Uterotonic Medications for Uterine Atony
WB1928 Managing Labor-Prevailing Strategies
WB1929 Sepsis in Obstetrics
WB1931 The Prenatal Patient- Common Issues and Concerns
WB1938 Using Oxytocin in Labor
WB1945 Postpartum Issues after Discharge

WB1936 Trauma From a Pediatric Perspective

WB1918 Safe Opioid Prescribing & Use for Chronic Pain
WB1919 Neonatal Opioid Therapy-Further Considerations
WB1943 Neonatal Pharmacokinetics

Physical Assessment and Diagnostic Studies
WB1934 Male Reproductive Examination

Primary Care
WB1906 Bladder Conditions in Women
WB1908 Prediabetes
WB1944 Health Promotion and Maintenance
WB1946 Practice Guidelines--Screening for Major Disease

Professional Practice Issues
WB1910 ANA Code of Nursing Ethics

Women's Health Care
WB1908 Prediabetes
WB1911 Adnexal Masses
WB1922 Menopause Transition and Health Maintenance
WB1941 Health, Pregnancy and the Human Microbiome
WB1947 Vaginitis

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